Just a little about me.

Hi there! my name is Abigail and welcome to my Blog! A little bit about me: Indiana is home (but I’m not a huge fan of corn, imagine that), I am a full time college student, INFJ, 2w1 (enneagram if you didn’t know), hobbyist, and a book hoarder. I adore StarWars and my ringtone is Chewbacca (the only time I am ashamed is when it goes off in the Library). I have two older sisters who are incredibly talented and beautiful, a goofy father who is a pastor, and a hard working mother. 

Now, a little bit about why I decided to write this blog. I grew up in a Christ centered environment with reasonably strict parents. I had a relationship with God from an early age and I went through many rough seasons with anxiety and depression which both challenged and strengthened my relationship with Christ. As I was looking for a college to go to I was extremely drawn to a small Christian school in Florida, which happened to be over 1000 miles away from home and family. I packed my bags and drove down in 2018. As I settled in, I realized that this experience would be very different than what I expected it to be. I began to struggle with loneliness, social boundaries, knowing when I needed to recharge, how to balance classes with social activities, and primarily how do I still pursue God through all of it. As I spoke with other girls my age, and mentored girls younger than me, I realized this is an extremely common occurrence and I desired to fill this gap using lessons and stories that I have had to learn. 

I aspire for this blog to be written by a college student girl, to college students specifically. In hopes that it may bring you some clarity, challenging thoughts, or answers to whatever situation you may find yourself in. But rest assured, I am not writing this as a girl or college student who has it all figured out, but I have begun to realize that the things I have learned and have gone through don’t matter at all if I don’t share and listen to others who may not even understand the strain that is happening between the two lives they have been living. Throughout these posts, I want to address you as I would a friend, maybe highlight conversations I have already had, and pray over each chapter. Maybe you may learn some things from the messes I have made or be challenged by the things I have learned. And if not, maybe I can make you feel a little more normal and comfortable in your own skin. 

Within my blog you will find lessons that I have learned, stories I may share, storms and deserts I have passed through, poetry, and anything else that may come to mind. I strive to write about things that everyone can relate to or maybe get a good laugh out of. Think of me as an organized junk drawer, even though we all know those don’t exist. I hope the ideas that are placed on this site may grow into something much more for whoever may find themselves here. 

If you are anything like me, visuals are extremely important. So here you go.

This is where the name of my blog becomes extremely important. If you know anything about trees, you may know that a grove is a small grouping of trees with very little growing beneath it. These trees are primarily there for fruit production. I desire for there to be a community present that encourages the growth of fruit. In whatever season of life we may find ourselves in, community and relationships that support and push us is extremely important. I desire for each post to be open ended, meaning please reflect and tell me what you think! Let’s have discussions and let me get to know you!

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